Get on top of fish in total comfort - with a SnoBear!

Just imagine... traveling from hot spot to hot spot across your favourite body of hard water - warm, dry and in mere minutes.  With it's automotive style power steering and controls, disc brakes, forced air furnace, deluxe seating and more, it's like being in a top of the line motor home!

SnoBear is unequaled when it comes to ice fishing and winter recreation.  The mobility and versatility allows SnoBear to travel in conditions where most vehicles simply can't go.  With built-in fishing hole access, you can virtually drop a line anywhere on the hard water while staying inside with the comforts of home.

The efficient cabin design and independent heating system allows you, your family and friends to ice fish without bulky winter clothing when the temperatures dip.  Imagine ice fishing in a t-shirt in 70 degrees of comfort while it's -40 degrees outside!

Create new traditions and long lasting memories from your ice fishing experiences with SnoBear!

For decades ice fishing has been a way of life for some and a recreational experience for others, but everyone has had less than ideal weather conditions and the surprises that Mother Nature has in store for us come up.  Now there is a new way to combat the unexpected!

SnoBear provides a safe comfortable environment combined with the convenience and mobility that ice fisherman desire.  With SnoBear you can make ice fishing a scheduled vacation with family and friends without the worry of inclement weather conditions.

At SnoBear we go beyond the ordinary - Redefine Adventure!

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