The SnoCoach

In the past vehicles that were capable of traversing the coldest regions of ice and snow were heavy and cumbersome, with little comfort to speak of. That has all changed with the SnoCoach - a purpose built over-snow vehicle that feels more like riding in a conventional vehicle with traditional driving controls and suspension built for extremes. And of course it's heated so that even on the coldest days passengers are able to shed their winter clothing and ride in comfort.

Able to carry up to 14 passengers, lots of gear, or a combination of both, the SnoCoach is at home supporting a variety of industries and organizations. Transporting personnel and equipment in the oil & gas, mining and utility sectors - exploring new frontiers taking seismic readings or core samples - or touring guests at resorts and parks are all part of an ordinary day with the SnoCoach. It may look and perform like a specialty vehicle, but driving it you will feel like it is just another day. What you use it for is limited only by your imagination!

SnoBear TL

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