Developed to serve the industrial and commercial market, the Grizz offers lightweight mobility with excellent snow flotation and traction.

Get there with the Grizz

Whether you are moving cargo or people to the job site, for winter rescue, tourism, military and border patrol, or access to your winter cabin, the Grizz will fit the need in total comfort and safety.

Choose from stadium seating for personnel or bench seating to accommodate cargo - the Grizz can be customized to suit any need.  SnoBear engineers use design features to create extra storage space under the bench seating for emergency gear, tools and cargo.

Tourism, oil & gas, mining and survey, research laboratories - all of these industries and more are using the Grizz for reliable transporation in extreme climates.

• Cruises up to 40 mph
• Used for people & cargo
• Fully customizable
• Custom seat configurations
• Seats up to 11 people
• Environmentally friendly
• Self-contained heating
• Up to 250 mile range
• Multiple engine options
• Fully automatic 4 speed transmission
• Full length enclosed 10 gallong belly pan
• Automotive head, tail, brake and back up lights
• Patented MaxTrack rear suspension technology

• Durable twin tracks - 18" x 248"
• 110 V block heater
• Power steering
• Independent right and left steering brakes
• Patent Pending "Glide RIght" front ski suspension
• Automotive safety glass windshield and wiper
• Dual pane side windows (fog resistant)
• Roof safety escape hatch
• Hitch receivers (front and back)
• Tow hooks
• 35 US gallon fuel tank

SnoBear works with our clients on each phase of the Grizz from start to finish.  We sit down with our customers and design the extreme climate vehicle their business requires.

Inside and out, the Grizz is made to order.

• Overall length - 196 inches
• Body width - 84 inches
• Height - 95 inches
• Ski length - 67.8 inches
• Weight - 6000 lbs
• Tracks - Standard 18 inch width (24 inch option available