A trailer is a handy item to have any time, but when you have one that is capable of fliding over extreme winter terrain, is fully enclosed, and heated?  Then you have something indispensable!

Share the fun this winter!

SnoCub is a fully enclosed skied trailer designed for transporting people and cargo safely and comfortably.  With a variable length tongue utilizing a two inch aball that can be pulled by our SnoCoach (or any other vehicle capable of pulling 2200 pounds over ice and snow) SnoCub is the perfect addition for your people and cargo transportation needs.

SnoCub's interior can be customized to fit your personnel or cargo transporation needs.  With a heated interior and 2 inches of foam insulation, the SnoCub makes transporation easy and comfortable.

SnoCub is built to the same strict standards as the SnoBear, SnoCoach and Grizz models so you can be assured that whatever cargo you are transporting will be kept safe and sound.  And since the SnoCub is heated, it can be outfitted with seating providing extra room for more friends, workers, guests and gear.

SnoCub - the perfect expansion unit for your winter adventures!

• Body width - 84.5 inches
• Ski width - 78 inches
• Weight - 2200 lbs
• Variable tongue length
• Chassis length - 159 inches