People Mover

Expand your existing business by tapping into new markets with the SnoBear People Mover - perfect for winter excursions no matter what weather Mother Nature might toss your way.  The mobility and versatility allows the People Mover to travel in conditions most other vehicles can't.

Winter Recreation
Over 18 million people visit Canada each year in winter.  They come to ski, to fish and to explore the Great White North.

Imagine loading up excited guests with their travel mugs full of cocoa, ready to head out and view the Northern Lights like they've never seen them before - away from the noise and light pollution of the city.

The efficient cabin design and independent heating system allows family and friends to explore winter without wearing bulky clothing when temperatures dip.  Sit in 21 degrees Celsius of comfort while it's -40 degrees outside!

Winter in Canada may be chilly, but it has plenty to offer both the adventure seeker and the city slicker.  Travelers who visit Canada in the winter do so specifically for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, and what better way to transport your guest from lodge to ski hill than in a SnoBear People Mover.

Search & Rescue
Winter in Canada can be breathtakingly beautiful, but it can also be unpredictable.  When people run into trouble, they call on Canada's elite Search & Rescue teams - and minutes can literally mean the difference between life and death.  Extreme terrains and deep snow can't slow down responders - equip them with the tools they need.

The SnoBear People Mover can increase the odds of a successful rescue substantially.  Able to carry life saving gear and supplies along with personnel through vast amounts of snow and over rugged terrain; it's an emergency vehicle with no equal.

A wide door and the AcraLift System allows the People Mover to raise and lower 12 inches, affording both easy entry and high clearance.  The interior is heated and has amble LED lighting.  It is able to be customized with whatever seating and storage is required based on specific needs.

The efficient cabin design and independent heating system allows emergency personnel to work without bulky clothing getting in the way.  Even the exterior can be customized with a full wrap and emergency lights to visually announce that help is on the way.

Winter weather can turn on a dime, and even the most experienced outdoor enthusiast can find themselves in need of assistance.  Get them the aid they need quickly with the SnoBear People Mover.

• Overall Length - 208 inches
• Body Width - 84.5 inches
• Track & Ski Width - 81 inches
• Hydraulic Lift - 12 inches
• Weight - 3500 pounds
• Fuel Capacity - 14 gallons