SnoBear SL

The SnoBear is the ultimate ice fishing dream machine.  With built-in fishing hole access you can virtually drop a line anywhere on the hard water while staying inside with the comforts of home.  Efficient cabin design and an independent heating system allows you and your family and friends to ice fish without wearing bulky winter clothes when the temperatures dip.  The RV type furnace and insulated cabin provide ALL the comforts of home!
1800 BTU Furnace
4 Fishing Holes with Covers & Sleeves
Vanguard Engine
Locking Differential
2 Bank Battery Charger
20 lb Propane Tank & Mount
Interior LED Lights
2 Electronic Gauge Package
Hydraulic Antifreeze Additive for Lift Cylinders
1 Swivel Guidesman Drive Seat
Headlight Assembly
Side Mirrors
Taillight Assembly
27 Series Cabin Power Battery
24 Series Starting Battery
14 Gallon Fuel Tank

Bench Seating

Dash Features